AirPlay your music to Apple TV (tvOS 10.2)

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Apr 192017

Back in May 2011, we were the first to bring AirPlay music streaming to Android, helping hundreds of thousands of Android users listen to their favorite tunes through their Apple TV and other AirPlay-compatible devices.

Fast forward to April 2017 and Apple, in a surprising and anachronistic move, released a 4th generation Apple TV firmware update (tvOS 10.2) that blocked 3rd party apps from supporting AirPlay by requiring a proprietary pairing process conveniently restricted to Apple apps and devices. Yep, Apple wants you to switch to an iPhone if you happen to own an Apple TV! But users today demand interoperability between their devices. Modern households are diverse ecosystems of connected devices, full of iPhones, Android phones, smart TVs and a cacophony of gadgets.

So we went ahead and added support for Apple’s new pairing process in the latest doubleTwist Pro release because we believe the era of walled gardens is long gone. The AirPlay functionality is also live for CloudPlayer so you can stream your cloud music to your Apple TV.

Happy listening!

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CloudPlayer gets Sleep Timer & App Shortcuts

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Feb 222017

Today we released a delicious update to CloudPlayer introducing two highly requested features: a Sleep Timer and for the lucky ones on Android 7.1 & higher, app shortcuts. With CloudPlayer’s new app shortcuts you can launch straight into the Up Next screen to view your play queue, browse your recently added & top rated songs or launch Magic Radio. Plus we also made improvements to the Android Auto voice query support so you can more easily change music in your car. And for those of you who prefer to listen to your music offline, we also updated doubleTwist Pro with the same great features.

Happy listening from Austin!
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doubleTwist Classic Player alpha now available on the Play Store

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Aug 252016

doubleTwist Classic

A while back, we released CloudPlayer, an open Play Music alternative that links with Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive so you can listen to all your music, everywhere without restrictions or phone storage limitations. But what if you don’t want to use your precious wireless data? In the past several months, we’ve been working on a complete revamp of our older and more well known app, doubleTwist Classic Player, which is optimized for offline listening and music sync. Today, we’re making available for public testing on the Play Store an alpha version of doubleTwist Classic, that was built fresh from the ground up.

The new doubleTwist Classic introduces a streamlined material design UI and features:

  • Lossless support (ALAC, FLAC & 24-bit audio)
  • 10-band EQ, bass boost and other premium sound options (premium)
  • Advanced sorting options and folder navigation
  • Metadata & artwork editor
  • Android Wear & Android Auto support
  • Scrobbling
  • AirSync support for syncing with Mac/PC (premium)
  • AirPlay & Chromecast support (premium)

Missing features that are planned for a future release include gapless, crossfade, podcast support, UPnP/DLNA support and AirPlay video support.

SIGN UP TO TEST: If you’d like to give it a try, you can sign up for the Play Store alpha and let us know what you think on our forum.

Introducing cloud playlists

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Jul 052016

One year ago we launched doubleTwist CloudPlayer, a powerful music player that lets you build your own, personal music streaming service. CloudPlayer integrates directly with Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, creating a giant cloud jukebox that can be easily accessed and managed from any Android device.

Now we’re taking CloudPlayer one step further, by introducing cloud playlists. Cloud playlists used to be a feature of subscription music services. Not anymore. CloudPlayer remembers and restores the playlists you create, so you can buy a new phone or use a second device without worrying about losing your playlists. CloudPlayer playlists can contain songs from multiple sources: Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive as well as songs locally stored on your phone. It doesn’t matter where your songs are stored, CloudPlayer takes care of the complexity so you can sit back and enjoy your music.

Cloud playlists are available to all CloudPlayer users, even the ones who haven’t upgraded to the premium version of the app. The update is available starting later today from the Play Store.

Cloud Playlists

CloudPlayer joins the Dark Side with new theme

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Feb 162016

If you’ve been following the development of CloudPlayer, you know we’ve been listening to your feedback, constantly improving our app since launch. Some of the most recent features and improvements we made were:

  • Artwork picker and tag editor
  • Folder browser and ability to exclude folders from library
  • Bookmarking support
  • Reduced memory use for import of large Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive libraries
  • Spanish, Portuguese and German language translations

The latest release also introduced a brand new theme engine and an easy on the eyes dark theme, perfect for night owls and fallen Jedis alike. Give it a spin!

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Android Wear, Android Auto & AllPlay support

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Oct 122015

The latest release of doubleTwist CloudPlayer brings support for Android Wear and Android Auto, helping you control your music from your wrist or from your car stereo while zipping down the highway. This works not only with songs stored locally on your phone but also for all the music that’s on your Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. We’ve effectively brought Android Wear and Android Auto support to your favorite cloud service.

We’ve also added AllPlay support, making CloudPlayer the only music app that supports Chromecast, AirPlay and AllPlay out of the box. So go ahead and stream your latest playlist to your Chromecast Audio, Apple TV or AllPlay speakers. We’ve got you covered. Get it now from the Play Store: doubleTwist CloudPlayer.

Android auto initial screen

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Introducing CloudPlayer

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Jun 162015

Today we are launching a major new app called CloudPlayer™.

With CloudPlayer, anyone can turn their favorite cloud service into a giant personal jukebox. We are launching on Android first and will support Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive out of the box.

We created CloudPlayer to provide an alternative to crippled, proprietary cloud music lockers that impose painful restrictions on what you can do with the music you own. These user-hostile terms are usually hidden in the fine print of cloud music offerings by major corporations and impose arbitrary limits on the number of “authorized devices”, restrict the number of times you can download your music, and penalize music enthusiasts who own multiple gadgets or frequently upgrade their phones and firmware.

CloudPlayer is a next-generation music player that can manage and stream your personal music collection no matter where it’s stored. It supports hi-fidelity lossless audio, and universal casting to Chromecast and AirPlay devices. For example, you can stream a song from your OneDrive or Dropbox to your Apple TV or Chromecast. You can even link multiple cloud services, which comes in handy when you have a large music library or wish to listen to music uploaded by another family member.

Our philosophy at doubleTwist has always been to break down walls that large corporate entities build around their platforms to lock you down and we believe CloudPlayer achieves this.

CloudPlayer features a snappy material design UI, premium sound, lossless audio, bass boost, 10-band EQ, ability to select songs and playlists for offline playback, and built-in AirPlay and Chromecast support.

Get it now from the Play Store and take back control of your music.
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Magic Radio gets AirPlay & AllPlay support

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Jul 152014

Our latest doubleTwist Music Player Android update brings something magical: now you can blast your favorite Magic Radio stations on your AirPlay-compatible speakers or stream music through your Apple TV, directly from your Android phone.

With our long history in digital media interoperability, we are proud to offer the only streaming service on Android that supports AirPlay out of the box. We have also added support for Qualcomm AllPlay, an open audio streaming platform that will soon be bundled into wireless speakers by companies such as Panasonic.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we are releasing a system image you can install on a Raspberry Pi, so you can inexpensively build your own streaming box. Whether you are a developer or a music enthusiast, you can quickly turn a Raspberry Pi into a music streaming endpoint, without getting locked into proprietary platforms.

So go ahead, remove your headset, relax and pump up that volume!

AirPlay Magic Radio

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AirPlay support for Google Play Music

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Apr 222014

In Android 4.1 Google introduced a system-wide plugin API for streaming devices. Originally developed for the Nexus Q, Google now uses the API for their Chromecast device. The same API was also recently used by Sonos to enable the Google Play Music app to stream cloud music to Sonos devices.

Today we released an “AirPlay for Android” package that adds an AirPlay music streaming plugin using this new API. Applications that take advantage of Android’s new plugin API automatically gain AirPlay music support when our plugin is installed. This includes Google Play Music, with one caveat: the Google Play Music app is currently using a whitelist and filtering out plugins other than Nexus Q and Sonos. If your device is rooted, we automatically patch the whitelist so that you can enjoy your Google cloud music on your favorite AirPlay device.


  1. Install the doubleTwist AirPlay for Android package
  2. Launch the Google Play Music app and tap the Cast (streaming) button
  3. Grant root access when prompted (this patches the plugin whitelist)
  4. Force stop the Google Play Music app and relaunch it
  5. AirPlay devices on your WiFi network should now appear when tapping Cast

Note that occasionally you may need to redo step #4 (Force stop) due to Google redownloading the whitelist from their servers.


AirPlay support for Google Play Music

Open Sourcing our Generic Drawer Layout

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Apr 162014

Back in August last year we were in the middle of redesigning the doubleTwist Music Player. Following the best practices of the platform we included a navigation drawer to quickly switch between the available top level categories within the app.

doubleTwist’s UI has long included a sort of ‘bottom drawer’ as well, much like what the Google Play Music app has these days. So, instead of integrating the support library’s DrawerLayout, we decided to create our own ViewGroup that allowed for drawers on all sides of the screen. ADrawerLayout was born.

On top of drawers on arbitrary sides of the screen, ADrawerLayout also allows customisation of how the content behaves when scrolling any of the drawers. We weren’t quite sure of how we wanted it in the end so we added a few adjustable parameters to experiment a little bit. Those parameters included:

  • the content paralax factor for both the x and y axis (independent), which tells you how much the content will move as you slide any of the drawers, 
  • dimming color/alpha of the content overlay
  • scale, alpha and xyrotation animation parameters for the content view.

In contrast to DrawerLayout, ADrawerLayout will accept swipe movements starting on any part of the screen, instead of just the edge. But it also includes a setRestrictTouchesToArea(int drawerId, int areaSize) method that allows you to customise this behavior, should your content require it (seek bars, some scrollable views, etc).

Additionally, ADrawerLayout has a peekSize{Right|Left|Top|Bottom} parameter (dimension) that makes a drawer always show a little bit of itself. By default, a ‘peeking’ drawer will only be draggable through touches inside its ‘peek area’.

We’re making ADrawerLayout publicly available for all the Android developers out there so if you are one and have been looking for something like this, give it a try and let us know how it works for you. Bug reports, pull requests or just comments are all very welcome!

See it in action:

— Filipe Abrantes, doubleTwist

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