doubleTwist Sync for Windows

We completely reinvented the doubleTwist Windows app to make it lighter, faster and more powerful.

The new app — doubleTwist Sync — features a beautiful UI and brings highly requested features such as:

  • MTP support: now you can quickly sync thousands of songs to your phone or tablet from your local music library over USB.
  • Complete integration with iTunes: doubleTwist Player on your Android now automatically pushes ratings, playcounts and playlist edits back to iTunes, keeping everything up to date.
  • More sync options: You can now sync music based on Artists, Albums, Genres or Playlists you previously created in iTunes or Windows Media Player.

The new Windows app works seamlessly with doubleTwist Music Player for Android to deliver a truly amazing music experience whether you Sync, Listen or Stream. From doubleTwist Sync, to doubleTwist Music Player and Magic Radio, you can now do it all without sacrificing ease of use.

Our vision has always been to deliver to you music without boundaries and we believe doubleTwist Sync is another step in that direction, breaking the artificial walls that Apple, Google and Microsoft build around their platforms to constrain you.

9 Responses to “doubleTwist Sync for Windows is here!”

  1. Finally MTP support, been a very long time coming and very welcome. I can finally give doubleTwist a serious go for my default music player.

  2. Looks great. Any news on the mac app?

  3. Nice, kudos. But does the new version allow you to also sync your photos while preserving the folder structure? That’s a feature that I’ve wanted for a long time as I’ve always had to sync my photos manually.

  4. Are there plans for an update to the OS X app as well? MTP support on that side would be very welcome.

  5. This sounds excellent. Glad to see it finally arrive! I’m guessing AirSync will still let you do all this over WiFi?

  6. Well this is a disappointment! I don’t want to use iTunes, I don’t want to use Windows Media Player. I just want to sync music from my PC to my phone wireless and fast, like it was possible in the old Doubletwist.

  7. Frankly guys, making this incompatible with XP is kind of Shitty. Yeah Yeah I know 2014…There are still a butt load of us that will continue till we get a new system. Thank You for your support

  8. Awesome news!

    Request: API for use with other music players! Having to use WMP or itunes still feels like being constrained in the walls.

  9. Great. Waiting for MTP support on mac!

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