doubleTwist KitKat release
Our new release today brings KitKat support and introduces a delicious new UI that takes advantage of the full screen real estate of an Android device, automatically adapting to tablet look for larger screens, while maintaining a consistent design language across all form factors.

When you launch the app you’ll be welcomed with a rich visual experience, making heavy use of album and artist images, tailored to today’s higher resolution screens. We also addressed the challenge of managing music in a touch interface by introducing a powerful new multi-select mode, simplifying common music player actions such as playlist management, play queue editing and creation of new Magic Radio stations based on Artists, Albums or Playlists.

More specifically, the new doubleTwist release brings:

  • Artist bios & images for a visually-rich music browsing experience
  • Multi-select mode for easier music management: you can now easily create new playlists, batch-add songs to the Play Queue, delete songs, etc
  • Ability to launch Magic Radio stations directly from your music library: you can now easily create new Magic Radio stations while browsing your music library by Artist, Album, Song or Playlist.
  • Navigation, album art and album search improvements.
  • Free, ad-supported Podcast management for users who have not upgraded to doubleTwist Pro.

It’s easy to dismiss a minimal redesign as easy. After all, how hard can it be when the amount of visual elements is reduced? It was actually quite a challenge to create something minimal and well balanced that still communicated our ‘signature’ style to users. Our application had matured quite a bit, offering lots of complex features, from Magic Radio to playlist management, that are more easily presented with more complex visual elements. To present things well and preserve a great-looking layout, we did a lot of experimenting.

A good example is the navigation: we didn’t want to simply give it a new coat of minimal paint, but redesign it so it felt at home with the new conventions of slide-out navigation in Android KitKat. It was also designed to be consistent across all devices, from tablets to phones.

We’re really happy with how our redesign turned out — and hope you’ll love it too!

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